Monday, May 12, 2008

What are you missing out on?

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon and I began thinking... a scary proposition all by itself. :) Then I went out to ride my horses and halfway through a polo chuckka (the time period in which one plays polo) my horse decides she is done and I mean so done that she puts her head between her front legs and shimmies her bottom sharply to the right and dumps me on the ground right on the very right elbow that propels so much of the movement in my right hand. Okay, so that was fun... but more importantly what does that have to do with Contagious Confidence?

Well, a couple of things...
- with limited use of my right hand and arm, I am discovering that there are many things that I have never learned how to do with my left arm that I am actually able to do better that way. Yeah for all the lefties of the universe, I now know your feelings about living in a right handed person's world. (Who knew that even my makeup containers are designed for right handers!) It is contagious confidence that helped me to turn a bummer event into a positive experience that has brought me to this conclusion. What kinds of activities are you missing out on due to fear or a lack of Contagious Confidence?

- the second thing is this... whining is not my best skill and when one is injured the tendency in our culture is whine about it. Someone might say, "How are you?" and then the response might be "Oh, I'm injured and here's how it happened, here's what happened and so on..." Though people are attracted to drama, they are not attracted to whining and if what I did what was whine, then I might miss out on some great conversations. What are you missing out on by showing your need for approval through the art of whining? When we whine, we display a lack of confidence that is indeed contagious! Instead show a full blown confidence level by telling yourself that "all will be okay" no matter your circumstances, and when others ask you how you are doing, say something like "I'm getting better by the minute!" (cuz you are!)

Stay Contagiously Confident!

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