Sunday, January 18, 2009

Now Accepting Applications

Welcome EMBARQ as a key sponsor of our upcoming Contagious Confidence Conference for Women!!

Would your organization benefit from greater exposure to the community of women in business?
We are now taking applications for additional sponsors for these powerful and well attended conferences. Contact Monica directly for more information if your company would like to become a sponsor or be present as a vendor with your very own table.

Ask for Monica and we look forward to seeing you there!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Why Confidence?

Sometimes, when I say I teach leaders how to elevate their own confidence and that of those they work with, people will look at me as if to say "why is that important?"

In truth, Confidence, and even Contagious Confidence is the glue that will keep you together or let you unravel and fall apart.

If you are confident in your skill and abilities, you can teach others.
If you are confident in your ability to survive, you will find resilience in any situation.
If you are confident in your direction, you will make faster progress.
If you are confident in you, that rubs off on others and they will want to know how you do it.

A lack of confidence will cause you:
- to doubt your own abilities, skills, gifts, and talents
- to move slower
- to be less productive
- to share with others an attitude that is not productive or helpful
- give others a reason to avoid spending time with you, for fear that the attitude will rub off

Contagious Confidence is not only important and valuable, it's critical to your success. Are you feeling confident today? If so, HIGH FIVE! If not, what's standing in your way and how can I help?

Stay Contagious!

Sunday, January 04, 2009

What if?

What if...
Women everywhere had the confidence to laugh at the magazines at the check out stand?
Women looked at the ceiling and didnt' see it as a limitation?
Women in your world always lifted you up without jealousy, envy or petty comments?
Women saw themselves as unique, instead of needing to be equal, or the same?
Women found a way to recognize that they are different, not difficult when dealing with the
opposite sex?
Women embraced their strengths and used them?
Women confidently walked into their world (office, home, life) and set out to achieve what
they wanted without letting anything hold them back?
Women had no fear of being held back?
Women saw their body as a gift, a temple, or maybe even just a healthy placeholder for their
big ole brain and beautiful spirit, instead of something worthy of daily criticism?
Women felt beautiful no matter what they wore?
Women believed they could lead beyond their own household?
Women felt as comfortable leading a team at an office, as they do in leading themselves?
Women embraced leadership as something they could do because they ARE women,
not in spite of that fact?

Are you ready for 2009?
WE are ready to bring more Contagious Confidence into your 2009!
Will you join us in reaching for those items above and in improving your own confidence?