Monday, May 26, 2008

Going to this conference is like...

Conferences are not for everyone... but this one just might be for you. We talk about self-awareness, financial confidence, health and fitness, and relationships. In fact, going to the Contagious Confidence Conference for Women is like getting a degree in life leadership... complete with the initials to put behind your name. Colleagues scoffed at me when I said I could create an entire contagious community and now then they watched me do it.

If you are a woman who wants to learn how to better lead her life, her own finances, her body along with her self image and her relationships and you wouldn't mind having that extra credential attached to your name, then this might be the series of events that you want to attend. Upon completion of the four Contagious Confidence Conferences, you will become a CL, or certified Leader of your Life, which you might find will also impact your life. Join us for our next event in October of 2008 or visit

Stay Contagious !

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