Monday, June 14, 2010

Everything is Contagious ... and we're hearing it everywhere!

Just started reading "Crush It!" by Guy Vaynerchuck and in it he refers to Passion as Contagious. Not long ago I saw a McDonald's commercial that said something about the enthusiasm over a Shrek glass collection was contagious! Sports enthusiasts continue to talk about how atheletes have a sense of Contagious Confidence(tm). And the list could go on and on. It's true, everything we do, say, think, believe and how we behave is, in fact, contagious! What are you doing today that is rubbing off on someone else and are you giving them what you really want to get back?

Monday, May 24, 2010

New Conference in Jacksonville!

Woo hoo and good morning!
It's been a while and part of that is from the "office consumption" that happens around conference time! Our conference on April 28th was a great success and there are still great things happening as a result. In fact, if you look on the Contagious Conferences page on Facebook, you will see that Kellie Lightbourne WON Mrs. Florida after our conference and it was in that very conference room that she overcame her fear and declared that she would indeed stay in the pageant and make a go of it. Boy, did she! WON the whole thing! Congratulations Kellie!

In addition, we have heard from many of you on the successes you have uncovered after the conference and we look forward to hearing more. Please share your successes and posts on our Contagious Conference Facebook Page!

Also, we have SUPERB news! The conference we conducted in Orlando in October 2009, is going to Jacksonville! In partnership with the University of North Florida Continuing Education division, we will be conducting the Balance: When You're In Charge, In Heels, and Out of Time Conference on October 12, 2010! Keep an eye out for this great information, great learning day, great partnership, and fabulous opportunity. We'll see you there!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Invisible Barriers that keep us from our own Authenticity

Much like we imagine many of the obstacles in our own brain, I found this picture of what that sometimes feels like. In fact, it is a picture of the elephant pen at the Washington, D.C. Smithosonian Zoo. Pretty formidable holding cell and quite frankly not unlike how we envision the barriers and bars in our own life. So, if this is what it looks like in your brain at times, then I have a few questions:

1. Are those bars/barriers really as solid as we think they are? (I.e. I can't be me at the office. Really? Can you really NOT be you or is it fear that is as solid as these bars and a deeply held belief that others won't like the REAL you?)

2. Can you remove the barriers around you with a simple key or do you really need a hacksaw and a crane? hehe! This one is fun. What if you just had a simple key to open the door? This is what the CORE Profile is for many people. It makes change and removal quite simple actually.

3. Can others see the barriers or just you?

Just a few questions for you and food for thought. See you soon!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

What is the CORE Profile?

Each participant of Contagious Conferences receives a complimentary CORE Profile. This tool shows how you see yourself, how you actually behave and how you handle stress, but it's more than that - it also answers the "now what?" question.

When you complete the CORE profile you will receive a six page report and a one page profile sheet with all of your graphs. You migth think "how can three graphs really show me who I am and how I behave", but it's amazing. And, at no time is there information about your weaknesses or what "you're doing wrong". This informaiton, based on how you answered the questions is merely for your own self awareness and we can only know what we know.

You see, most of us walk around on auto-pilot in complete oblivioun about our own behavior - it's normal. But, once you can literally see on paper, what behaviors you use and when during times of stress, you are then able to effortlessly feel much more in control of your behavior. CORE gives you back the control that you think you've lost when you feel like "you're 'losing' IT!"

For more information on the CORE profile, click the title of this post above and go to our conference home page. From there you can complete the CORE profile and register for the conference as well. We'll see you soon!