Tuesday, September 29, 2009

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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Could you use a little less guilt, a little more time a lot less stress

It's true, we could all use a little less guilt, a little more time a lot less stress! Right?

Here are some key factors that will help:
1. Stop whining and take ACTION now!
  • I have been whining about feeling out of shape for years, but also complaining about having no time to exercise. I was creating guilt for myself and two days ago, said WHO NEEDS THAT and went out to start running. I can't quite run a whole mile yet, but determination will prevail and I feel like I can leap tall buildings when I'm done. Two days in and the guilt is exponentially less!

2. Recognize that you CAN do it all, IF you know what ALL that is.

Decide WHAT you WANT before you start saying you can't have it all categorically. The WHAT is doable and once you figure that out, you merely have to make a priority list of when you want it. Now, if you want it all at once, like right now, well then, that's a whole different blog, confernece, seminar, and discussion. We'll cover prioritizing at the next conference. Check it out: www.contagiousconferences.com

3. Get Seriously Focused on the things you don't like

They, whoever THEY are, say that what you focus on gets traction and gets bigger. Well, I'm going to turn that around a bit. If you ignore what you don't like about you and just let the guilt build up about it without taking a clear examination of how to change it, then it will also get bigger. You have to look at reality and then decide what to change and when to change it. How about... yep, maybe, perhaps... like NOW. :) Or maybe that's just me.

We Should Have Changed the Title!

It's almost here... four weeks away to be exact, and three days left in the early bird special for the October 22 Contagious Confidence Conference for Women. Our theme this conference is: Balance: When in Charge, In Heels and Out of Time

However, in hindsight, I am thinking we should have changed the title to : Doing More in Less Time with Less Stress. In fact, in a conversation over email today with a book publisher who is looking at our Commander in Heels book, I recommended to her that we change the title to Being a Commander in Heels: How to be a Woman Who Does More in Less Time with Less Stress

Isn't it true that we could all use a little less guilt, a little more time a lot less stress?

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Blog title...

have you seen the video that shows a difference between confidence and skill? http://ping.fm/W0c2p
We'll see you at the Contagious Confidence Conf. on 10.22.09

Confidence vs. Self Esteem

Did you know there is a difference? Often we use the terms confidence and self esteem interchangeably and yet, they do not mean the same thing.

Confidence means you believe you can do something.
Self Esteem means you are worth the effort.

You can wake up in the morning and believe you CAN get your list accomplished, but not believe you are worth the effort in setting boundaries, saying no when necessary, and doing what you need to do to maintain a sense of balance and fulfillment, otherwise known as contentment. Yes, it is something you can have and that you deserve, I promise.

October 22 Event

Ever feel like a professional juggler? There’s your list, your life, your family, your job, your bills, your friends… aaaaaaahhhh! Some days we can manage it and some days it gets a bit hairy! If you have ever said you need more hours in the day and more arms on your body to juggle all that you are doing, then you want to join us on October 22.

Join us at the Contagious Confidence Conference for Women at the Winter Park Civic Center on October 22, and here’s why:
- You will finally get to relieve the stress in your back, neck, and shoulders that comes from running around like crazy and feeling out of control
- You will learn new skills that are easy to implement and NOT another “To-do” that will help you immediately with your planning and your confidence
- You will be able to take a break, even if just for one day, to focus on you, enjoy being you, and spend time becoming even better, with little or no effort.

That’s right. There’s no smoke and mirrors here. No side gimmicks. No fluffy stuff – just plain old skills, with networking, food, and fun. You deserve this day for you and your schedule, your stress level, your friends, your family and most importantly YOU will be so glad you did.

Don’t delay. You’re worth it my friend. REGISTER NOW for the Contagious Confidence Conference and we’ll see you on Thursday, October 22.
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What Does Leadership Take? Reminding yourself that the learning you've done so far didn't happen over night and new learning won't either.