Saturday, August 29, 2009

Goal Setting: Are you doing what YOU want or trying to please others?

You have goals and you deserve to acheive them. In fact, for a good goal setting resource book, check out Creating Your Best Life. However, what few have ever been told about Balance or Goals, is that though you CAN have it all, you typically can't have it all at the same time. As well, it is important to assess whether those goals are something YOU really want or something others have told you you SHOULD have. We've got to stop "Shoulding" all over ourselves (one of my favorite lines!) and make sure that we are doing those things that are most important (versus urgent) for us over the long term life of our goals.

So, what are you chasing and is it YOUR rainbow or one someone told you that you SHOULD chase? Hmmmm... this is definitely going to be a topic of discussion at the next Contagious Confidence Conference!

Balance:When in Charge, In Heels, and Out of Time

So, how do you balance all that you try to do? For women, this issue is often compounded by the multitude of roles that we play at home and at work. Typical women's leadership conferences share information on how to manage time and yet, the truth is we don't manage time, we manage tasks. This women's leadership conference: The Contagious Confidence Conference for Women, will focus on managing the tasks you want to include in your day, your week, and your life. This is not going to be a typical time management course! :)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Join us on Oct 22 for Balance: When You're In Charge, In Heels, and Out of Time!

It's here! It's bigger and better! AND it's about balance!

Join us for our next Contagious Confidence Conference for Women on October 22, 2009!

If you are struggling with all the balls in the air that you're juggling...
If you are stressed out while trying to manage all the stuff you've put on your calendar...
If people marvel at all that you do and yet you don't feel like you do enough...

This is the conference for you! And... even better... there's no ginsu knives or gimmicks - just an entire day of learning and training on how better to manage the concept of balance and the tricks it plays with our head!

Register now and recieve $20 off the Early Bird pricing. Use Promo code: EEA20.

You can Balance: While You're In Charge, In Heels, and Out of Time!
See you there!