Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Confident Type As need love, too!

In my chiropractors office yesterday, I was surprised by a phrase that I didn't think applied to me. He said - "When was the last time you went to have a massage?" and I'm thinking... oh yeah, in my spare time, I'll get right on that in between bon-bons and shopping sprees. He must have seen the look on my face and then he said "Even confident Type A people need love, too. Take care of yourself."

Yep, busted. And I bet I am not the only woman who takes care of everything else and everyone else, but puts herself last. In fact, here I sat in the chiropractor's office with sprained shoulder and a possible hairline fracture from my favorite rambunctious horse and instead of stopping to heal, I was asking him how quickly he could make it better so that I could get back to working full speed. And I am the one who tells other women to take care of themselves. eek!

Confident and even more so, CONTAGIOUSLY CONFIDENT women tend to confidently lead the charge that the are tough, cool under pressure and able to do it all. well, yes, we confident women can do it all, but as a friend of mine says "just not all at the same time".

All of you who were at our last Contagious Confidence Conference (may 2, 2008), I ask you... what have you done for you lately... it will boost your confidence to give yourself some love, too.

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