Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Thirteen Shocking Maneuvers that Will Save Your Sanity

Hello there,

It seems so many are "losing their mind" or just flat out "losing it" these days. Why are we all so on edge? hmmm... let's see... could be the 55 giant glass balls that we are all confidently trying to juggle. One person drops one and there is this domino effect - or rather, it becomes contagious. However, there are some ways that you can save your mind and save your sanity.

I must warn you, some of these maneuvers take a significant amount of contagious confidence to accomplish and carry out. However, when the voices in your head begin to run away with you, these are the very ways in which you can tell them to chill out and get your sanity, composure and confidence back.

1. Ask for help.. really... even it is hard and you feel like you might look silly, stupid, dumb, or less than absolutely strong and perfect. (trust me on this one)
2. Hire a coach for anything that you have been unable to work on for more than 24 months
3. Get Rest... plenty of rest, even when you don't have time and world says "go, go, go!". A ten minute nap qualifies as rest.. take one... or two..
4. Awfulize only at scheduled times and only for brief periods of time. Awfulizing is anything that begins with "Oh, my gosh, what if..."
5. Avoid the temptation to trust your first perception when you are stressed out
6. Realize and accept that not all people are as smart as you are in all areas (and encourage them to realize the same - yep that may mean they accept your shortcomings, too)
7. Give different (as opposed to difficult) people the benefit of the doubt more than once
8. Moderate your self-talk and say good things as often as you can - even when things look bleak
9. Remove yourself from negativity - walk away from the news in that doctor's waiting room, excuse yourself from conversations held by Eyeore him or herself!
10. Celebrate the very tiniest of accomplishments - you didn't buy that cookie at lunch, you let someone through in traffic - work with me here!
11. Confidently assert yourself and share your opinions, but leave the black witch hat and broom at home.
12. Spend your time being fascinated by life and what happens in it, instead of being frustrated by the multitude of things out of your control.
13. Lose the word "WHY" in your vocabulary and replace it with "Help me Understand" or "How" or "When" or "What's next" or "Next time"

and just for giggles... one more... to boost your contagious confidence and stay sane in a world that often times appears to have gone mad....

14. Walk around with a Chesire Cat sized grin on your face and when people ask you what you are so excited about... just mysteriously and with a bit of flair say "Oh... nothing". You will be amazed at how people will be attracted to that and how many times they will ask you to "go on... tell me!" .

So does this mean that people really do want to be happy after all? who knew?
Stay contagious!

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