Sunday, March 23, 2008

Top Ten Ways to Boost Your Confidence

The Top Ways to Boost Your Confidence

1. Spend time with optimistic, upbeat people
2. Go to Contagious Confidence events (filled with upbeat people looking for you) (
3. Attempt to take less things personally (great link:
4. Be Fascinated with things, instead of Frustrated
5. Spend less time with the eyeores of your office or life
6. Learn the difference between confidence and self esteem
7. Ask others for help when you are unable to solve a problem yourself
8. Gain a greater sense of self awareness of what is really important to you
9. Take control over your own finances, health and fitness, and voices in your head
10. Realize that no matter what you are facing and the problems you may have, they are not representative of WHO you are, but rather just WHERE you are at the moment.

BONUS: Try not to engage your emotions into a problem too quickly. Once they are engaged, the situation becoms emotional and you lose all ability to be logical, rational, or objective. (For example: a piece of bad news that you take personally and begin to FEEL as if it were a personal attack leads to an inability to think about the bearer of bad news, the origin of the news, and the real impact of the news on you.)

Stay Contagoiusly Confident!

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