Wednesday, March 12, 2008

How Business Women are Different from Business Men

As I just got a glimpse in the mirror of my super big hair today, I had to chuckle as no one will likely mistake what state I originally came from - Texas! That also made me think of the times when people have told me that Texan women have a way of communicating, a sense of bold confidence if you will, and that led me to think on the fact that WOMEN period have a way of communicating that is often different from men.

In fact, Sylvia from McCoy Federal Credit Union, a participant in our last conference, was gracious enough to share something with me that she had been given years ago. It is a listing of the ways that businesswomen differ from businessmen and it is worth a read. Here are some examples:

A businessman is aggressive, a business woman is pushy.

He is careful about details; she's picky.

He loses his temper because he's so involved in his job; she's __ itchy.

He's depressed (or hung over), so everyone tiptoes past his office; she's moody, so it must be her "time of the month".

He follows through; she doesn't know when to quit.

He's firm; she's stubborn...

I'll share more soon, but keep in mind how you may be perceived simply becuase of these differences. Are these true for your office?

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