Friday, February 27, 2009

Contagious Conference- Leading in Tough Times - May 13, 2009

Leading is a challenge even when times are good. It's worse when the confidence is down and it's even more difficult when times are a struggle. What do you do when time are tough AND your confidence is low? You attend the next Contagious Confidence Conference for Women: Leading in Tough Times on May 13, 2009 in Orlando.

Attention Central Florida Women: This one's for you! If you are a woman in a middle management to executive level position and you have ever wanted to become a more effective leader of both your life and your work, this conference is for you. We call it a conference, but it's really a training class, with vendor tables. This is the solution, quick fix, and skill buidling course you have been looking for because:
- not only will it be entertaining, you will learn readily applicable skills
-you can use NOW what you learn on that day
-you will have access to reference materials, coaches, and your workbook during and after the conference
-you get to spend a day working on you and learning almost effortlessly how to be leader, still be a woman, and not ride a broom to the office
- you get to focus on Women's leadership skills that do not require you to play by any men's rules, be a big B word, or seduce any boy's club

This and so much more! Registration opens on Monday, March 2 and I look forward to seeing you there. This one is a "can't miss!" Save the date, mark your calendar and reserve your seat.

Contagious Confidence Conference for Women: Leading in Tough Times
May 13, 2009
Leu Gardens, Maitland, FL (just north of Orlando)
Register online at
Register by phone at 1-866-382-0121

Stay contagious!

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