Saturday, February 07, 2009

Surviving with Confidence

Confidence isn't just a word, it's a feeling. If you are confident in you, then it means you believe you CAN do whatever it is YOU want to do. Are you confident? Those with a high sense of confidence are who will survive the downturn and end up thriving when things shift again.

As everything you do rubs off on and impacts others, we call it Contagious Confidence. It is truly catching and what we do is help you develop those skills really worth catching! Here is a tip on how YOU can develop your own sense of Contagious Confidence in your own business...

1. Hone Your Skills
If what you have been doing up until now is running your business by instincts or by trial and error, now is the time to actually develop those skills that may come naturally. Find a way to get a credential or two. Put some letters behind your name. Create a process or system out of how you “just do it”. Protect that process legally and develop it so that others could duplicate the effort. Running a business is different than whatever skill or talent that got you to start the business in the first place. Develop your skills in leadership, financial report reading, business management, and oh yes, customer service. Whether or not you have a process, or for that matter, answer your phone in a timely fashion is beginning to be one of the tiny things that will separate you from the others who are doing what you do.

More tips to follow... Stay Contagious!

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