Sunday, March 01, 2009

Leading as a Woman

Women: How do we do it? We are expected to juggle a million balls in the air, but not allowed to act as if we have sounds a bit direct, but it's true. We can do it all, but the moment we become more than a little firm in declaring our needs or declaring boundaries, we are called lovely words most of which begin with B, and none of which are BOSS. Leading as a Woman doesn't have to be so challenging, but we have to recognize what we are doing first.

We women seem to make one of three choices in becoming major leaders in business:
  1. We reach for leadership and climb the latter, not caring how we look or what we're called
  2. We reach for leadership in a demure and feminine way, careful of our image and the danger we run in being accused of having ridden our broom to work.
  3. We choose not to reach for leadership because we don't want to risk our credibility or reputation.

In our next Contagious Confidence Conference for Women: Leading in Tough Times, we will include not only the fundamentals of leading in a difficult time and a difficult age filled with change, but also the skills we women require to lead in our own way. There will be no talk of riding a broom, worry over being called a big B word, and no rules for playing with the big boys or seducing someone to get ahead. We'll explore the danger in begging of power instead of earning it and refusing to take your power because of what someone might call you when you get it!

Central Florida: This One's For You and the future of your leadership may depend on your attendance. Be there or be square. (okay, that's old, but it's still true!)

See you on May 13, 2009! Leu Gardens, Orlando, FL
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