Monday, January 07, 2008

The Twelve Days of... well.. work with me here!

I know the holidays are over, but sing along with me to the twelve days of Christmas…

“5 Champaign Toasts…, 4 missed workouts, 3 take-out meals, 2 pecan pies…. and a worn out self image” Ha! I think that might be more like it after the festivities of choice have died down and we all go back to work in clothes that used to fit quite nicely or in our “thin pants”. Don’t fret – so we indulged a bit. It’s fixable and doesn’t require a New Year’s resolution. More importantly, in all the work that I have done with the CORE profile, I am beginning to understand WHY we do this to ourselves. The psychology behind it is amazing.

Take a walk down any toy store aisle and look at the girl’s toys. They are pink usually and almost all centered around making little girls look pretty, keeping a good kitchen, cooking a good family meal, or taking care of a household. The boys aisle on the other hand is about power, take over, and battles. Neither is right or wrong, but think of the programming at such a young age. If what you learned was that you had to be pretty, keep a good kitchen, and feed your family or yourself well, then NO WONDER we feel guilt when we are too busy to do it all. Too busy to cook? Then we run to a Micky D’s to grab dinner for our family… at least they had a balanced meal – fries ARE a food group. Too busy to exercise? Then we buy things that hold it in and keep it flat… at least we are keeping up appearances. But then there’s the guilt. If you are relating to this stuff, in any way nodding your head, then I want you to attend the next Contagious Confidence Conference for Women. This one is the Heath and Fitness focus and the programming I have just mentioned is just the icing on the cake (so to speak) of what you will learn to apply.

Plus, Wendy Chant will be there to give you eating guidance, exercise guidance, and real life stuff that will finally help you to Crack the Fat Loss Code. She is the nutrition expert and McGraw Hill must also think so as her book Crack the Fat Loss Code is expected to be a best seller and get this… it is going to be released on the day of our conference – Feb. 29. Don’t miss this. Go to and sign up today! Plus, sign up before Feb. 1 and save $50 bucks!!!

Think about how this will improve your life and the lives of those you love! Join us on Feb. 29 for some astounding information and an entertaining conference that will revamp that worn out self image in our new little song I shared above – see you soon!

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