Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Confidence in the Media

Confidence and a need for it, is all over the media right now.

Today, a reporter mentioned than one of our political candidates had "Contagious Confidence".

Not long ago, Subway commercials used a "loss of self esteem" as a condiment that came with the #2 on the competitor's menu!

The IBM commercials during both championship football games on Sunday mentioned a need to stop talking and start doing. Hmmm... My favorite one in the series was the Buzzword Bingo that employees began to play when the CEO spoke of Value Add and Empowered Employees. One girl in the commercial even yelled out "bingo!" in the middle of the large company meeting. Afterall if the buzz words are a flyin' and no one knows what you are talking about then it can erode confidence. At least making BINGO out of those words gives someone something to celebrate!

Should we begin a game of Confidence Bingo and see how many squares you get when the choices are confidence related? Might be fun! What would you put in the Bingo squares of a confidence bingo game? Should we list things to look out for in your day that could erode confidence? Perhaps the center square could say "dirty look", or "cold shoulder", with a corner that has "eyeore colleague" and another box that says "family issue" or "rejected suggestion". Heck, if the rest of your day is a bummer, maybe we could at least have something simple to celebrate. BINGO! Let me know your thoughts...

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