Monday, January 14, 2008

Game Face or Great Face?

Today is Monday and let's take a look at how the day began. For some of you Monday began last night when you had the "go to work blues". Is that how you started your week? For others it may have started this morning. You looked in the mirror and said "I'm COOL!" right? Hope so. :)
If instead, you did as I did - woke up in a great mood, made coffee, spilt it all over the bathroom, then watched my foundation bottle roll off the counter onto the tile flooor breaking into thousands of tiny glass pieces and then said "WOW". (or something like that!) Is that what today is going to look like? eek! Then I started to put the game face on and fake it. Then I realized WHOA! Today could be good for the rest of the day even if the first 45 minutes were not so hot. So I took the game face off, checked my attitude, and moved on looking ahead to great things. As my husband said, "At least you got all the bad stuff out of the way early." (which I didn't think was too funny at the time!) Maybe he is right. Even the Contagious Confidence lady has these kind of mornings. I hope your Monday began better, you are getting to do what you love and that your attitude remains positively contagious and confident for the rest of the day!

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Lori Cz. said...

My mother always told me "Fake it till ya make it", which I applied to things I didn't think I could do and also to attitude adjustments when I was down in the dumps. I would just pretend it was not affecting me as much as it was, and next thing you know I was truly feeling better!