Friday, May 01, 2009

What Women Want...

Do you remember the movie What Women Want with Helen Hunt and Mel Gibson, in which he could literally "hear" her thoughts? eek! I'm not sure that is what women want but I do know we want a few other things...

We want to be understood
We want to be recognized for our talents
We want to be noticed for all that we do
We want to loved
We want to be accepted
We want to be seen as unique individuals
And often, we want to be seen as powerful, well respected and approved of people

You can be all of that! Some of these elements can come naturally, I suppose. Others of them require new skills, effort, and the development of communication that lets others know what we want.

These skills and more are what you will gain at our next Contagious Conference on Women's Leadership Skills: Leading in Tough Times. Join us on May 13th, 2009 in Orlando to get not only what you want, but what you deserve.

Women are wired to be fantastic leaders and yet we often fail to find that middle ground between being a leader without having to ride a broom or carrying a picket sign in promotion of feminism. We look forward to seeing you!

Stay Contagious!

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