Thursday, May 07, 2009

Michael J. Fox said Optimism is Contagious!

In watching the first episode of Michael J. Fox, The Incurable Optimist, I was overjoyed to hear him talk about the sense of hope in times that most of us have not seen or experienced in our life time. Yet, what stood out the most for me is when he shared that Optimism and sense of hope is contagious!

Everything we do, optimistic or otherwise, is contagious. How you feel and what you say about the economy, your own abilities, your environment, and so much more is contagious. We need each other and "hope doesn't exist in a vaccuum". This topic and many more WILL be covered in our next conference on May 13th. The Contagious Confidence Conferences help you not only learn from other women in the session, but also to learn how you can be an even better you than you thought possible or had seen before.

If you could use a dose of incurable optimism, contagious enthusiasm about leadership, life, or the voices in your head, then make plans to join this women's leadership conference.

I'll see you there!

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