Thursday, April 02, 2009

Will you help us spread the word?

In a time when Seth Godin is writing about Tribes that we all can lead and MORE magazine is writing about women SHATTERING the glass ceiling, I am looking for your help in spreading the word about an event that combines the best of both.

On May 13th, 2009 in Orlando, we are conducting a Women’s Conference on Leading in Tough Times. It isn’t just about the times we are in, but about the skills women need to survive and thrive in them as leaders of organizations, businesses, lives, and the voices in their heads. This training conference will give women the skills to lead more effectively, eliminate the guilt in some of the choices we have to make, and lead without having to give up their femininity or who they are (or wish they could be!). It’s about teaching women to play by their own rules, not the ones of the boy’s club that we are told to follow. It’s about helping women recognize their own strengths and natural ability to lead. This isn’t a feminist thing or a reason to picket something, it’s merely a movement to help women rise to the positions of leadership in which they can excel, but may not know how to reach.

I am confident you know women who can benefit – maybe it’s even you! Would you be so kind to share this email and the attached registration form with the women in your world? We have even extended the early bird pricing so that there is still time to register at the lowest price possible. Please join us and invite your female friends to be a part of the movement. If we are going to shatter the glass ceiling, it will take all of us in this together. Will you help us spread the word?
Stay Contagious,

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