Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Leadership for Women - in 2009???

Why is it that in 2009, we are still having the conversation about skills or roles for men versus skills and roles for women? Well, part of the challenge is that we seek equality, instead of fairness. Another challenge is that we, women, seek to be treated the same, instead of in our own unique ways.

Leadership for Women is a skill development path that still needs to exist because until we recognize that we do not play by the same rules, nor need to, as men have for decades, we will continue to be battling against not only the system, but ourselves.

Women are and always will be different. We communicate differently, think differently, function differently, and lead differently. The Contagious Confidence Conference for Women, focused on Leading in Tough Times is a course that teach women to lead on their own terms and by their own rules, not those that we are told we must follow in order to seduce the boy's club.

Maybe in 2020, we'll be talking about how leadership can be a component of the activities for little girls, or actually see the advent of CEO Barbie. However, until then, ladies, we need to learn new rules, and new skills. June Cleaver will not ever run a board meeting, but you can..

Stay Contagious !

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