Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A different point of view...

I received an email yesterday from one of our newsletter recipients on why women leaders don't succeed. His first email to me was that he had worked many women in leadership and he has never seen it worked. He also mentioned that there was ONE REASON for it and when he said that, I, of course, I said tell me more. Below is his perspective on why women leaders fail...

They try to be everything at one time.

I have never seen it work before.

A good wife, a good mother with small children, and a professional business women in upper management.

Some thing has to give.

I know from experience because I was a single dad with a 10 year old daughter, and no family close by.

I did solved the problem.

I would be in meeting out of town at our corporate headquarters, and the few women in upper management would start squirming at 4:30 PM.

How much longer will this meeting be going on.

Many times they were late, and I wanted to get finish that day so I could fly home the next day.

You can't be all things to all people.

It's always good to have an alternate point of view. Thanks for sharing my friend and thanks for being a member of the Contagious Community.

Stay Contagious,

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