Monday, March 15, 2010

There is difference between what you do and HOW you do it!

Good afternoon!

Have you ever noticed that so many in leadership tell you WHAT to do, but when you want to know HOW to do it, there is less information? It happens a lot.

The truth is that telling someone WHAT to do is helpful, particularly if they didn't already know. However, telling someone HOW to do something in a way that they learn from you and are able to repeat the skills... is PROFITABLE.

Also, though, teaching someone how to do something often requires communication skills, patience, knowing of the steps yourself, and a desire to help someone grow. If you are an authentic leader, these things come easy. If you are under stress, or learning to lead by trial error, they may not.

Learn more about developing patience - in fact, learn to be fascintated, not frustrated...
Learn more about your own unique style of teaching someone HOW...
AND learn how to teach the how in a language or style that THEY will understand...
At the next Contagious Conference!

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Stay contagious!

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