Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Are you Engaged?

We're not talking about marriage here, we're talking about being Engaged in what you are doing or working on and who you are working with? Authentically Engaged.

Are you in it? or are you making it look like you're in it - merely going through the motions and playing it safe?

Oddly enough, Top Gun was on this weekend and I happened to catch the part where Pete Mitchell (the young and handsome Tom Cruise) was trying to recover from losing Goose, his partner. The crew and his wingman kept saying "Maverick! Engage! Get Engaged!" meaning get your head back in the game and get in this. He couldn't do it at first, but then when others made it clear they needed him, he was able to find the strength and win the day! Of course, this is Hollywood, but how many times have you been disengaged and merely going through the motions of your day to day job?

Being engaged isn't always easy, but to do whatever your doing - well, it is a necessity and important. Learn the key to being engaged in life and work, at the Contagious Conference on April 28th, 2010 in Orlando. www.contagiousconference.com

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