Saturday, September 26, 2009

October 22 Event

Ever feel like a professional juggler? There’s your list, your life, your family, your job, your bills, your friends… aaaaaaahhhh! Some days we can manage it and some days it gets a bit hairy! If you have ever said you need more hours in the day and more arms on your body to juggle all that you are doing, then you want to join us on October 22.

Join us at the Contagious Confidence Conference for Women at the Winter Park Civic Center on October 22, and here’s why:
- You will finally get to relieve the stress in your back, neck, and shoulders that comes from running around like crazy and feeling out of control
- You will learn new skills that are easy to implement and NOT another “To-do” that will help you immediately with your planning and your confidence
- You will be able to take a break, even if just for one day, to focus on you, enjoy being you, and spend time becoming even better, with little or no effort.

That’s right. There’s no smoke and mirrors here. No side gimmicks. No fluffy stuff – just plain old skills, with networking, food, and fun. You deserve this day for you and your schedule, your stress level, your friends, your family and most importantly YOU will be so glad you did.

Don’t delay. You’re worth it my friend. REGISTER NOW for the Contagious Confidence Conference and we’ll see you on Thursday, October 22.

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