Sunday, January 04, 2009

What if?

What if...
Women everywhere had the confidence to laugh at the magazines at the check out stand?
Women looked at the ceiling and didnt' see it as a limitation?
Women in your world always lifted you up without jealousy, envy or petty comments?
Women saw themselves as unique, instead of needing to be equal, or the same?
Women found a way to recognize that they are different, not difficult when dealing with the
opposite sex?
Women embraced their strengths and used them?
Women confidently walked into their world (office, home, life) and set out to achieve what
they wanted without letting anything hold them back?
Women had no fear of being held back?
Women saw their body as a gift, a temple, or maybe even just a healthy placeholder for their
big ole brain and beautiful spirit, instead of something worthy of daily criticism?
Women felt beautiful no matter what they wore?
Women believed they could lead beyond their own household?
Women felt as comfortable leading a team at an office, as they do in leading themselves?
Women embraced leadership as something they could do because they ARE women,
not in spite of that fact?

Are you ready for 2009?
WE are ready to bring more Contagious Confidence into your 2009!
Will you join us in reaching for those items above and in improving your own confidence?

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