Saturday, November 29, 2008

Confidence During the Holidays

Even when a Contagious Conference is not under way, confidence is still an issue that can affect us every day. If you are struggling with confidence during the holidays you are not alone and certainly not abnormal.

I just watched Bridget Jones Diary, the movie and had to giggle. How far from true is it? Don't we all long for the cindarella moment, particularly during the holidays? Don't we all struggle with family during this time? I think so, and if you find your mix of high confidence and high self esteem is not coming together as well as the batch of sugar cookies you see yourself making, try these remedies for a better feeling and better holiday...

1. Remember that family is the last to see a change
Family members still see you as who you used to be no matter how you have grown, changed, matured or worked on yourself. They have old programs and if you only see them on the holidays, those programs automatically play when you arrive on the scene. Take heart that most family means well and that those you have chosen as friends are more likely to see the progression you have made in life. Take what your family says and does with a grain of salt.

2. Doing what makes you happy is going to serve you better in the long run
We ALL have programs. It isn't just the family that operates from a series of "shoulds" and "oughtas". You have those messages, too and if you aren't aware of them, pay attention to the next time you feel down. Are these feelings rooted in some failed expectation or failed event that "was supposed to happen" during this time of year? Quite likely. Change or examine the program and your feelings are likely to change along with it.

3. Stay aware of stress and sleep
One of the leading causes of a rampant attack of the voices in your head saying something less than kind, is stress and a lack of sleep. I know that when I awoke at 4am on Friday to shop with the other silly people after thanksgiving, I found that by about 7pm I had done quite a number on myself about how I should have all the gifts bought by now, tree decorated by now, etc. Then it turned into I should be doing x in my business, should have x number of children, should, should, should... a lack of sleep and a good bit of stress, both common elements in this tmie of year will warp your rationale, make the monsters in your mind wake up and start talking and will rob you of your confidence and your sense of well being. Sometimes the best remedy is a good nap.

Keep your wits about you during this holiday season and remember that you are wonderful, a capable and confident being and someone who can do whatever you put your mind to. You have contagious confidence!

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