Sunday, August 31, 2008

We LOVE men!

Recently we announced that registration is officially open for the Contagious Confidence Conference for Women and so far, we have received many calls from men, asking if they can attend.

You bet!

This conference, the fourth in the series is Relationship and Communication focused and that menas, ladies, that you can bring the men you communicate with the most. That means you can bring a spouse, a friend, a significant other or a boss with you. Men are invited to join us during the morning session in which we will work on communication and personality styles, as well as how to use that information to better your relationships. You will love it!

After this morning session, men are invited to stay for lunch (for an additional $25) and then head back to their own office or lives. The afternoon session from 1-4pm is just us girls, so spread the word. We like the men in our lives and this conference would not be complete without them.

We look forward to seeing you there and encourage you to go to to register and learn even more! See you on October 23!

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