Friday, November 09, 2007

The History of the Clothespins

At our recent conference in November, so many of you asked me where the heck did the clothespins come from and what do they mean?

Our graphic artists at Accent Design (, Mary Lynne and Betsy, came up with that one for the original CD set we created under the name Contagious Confidence ( The subtitle of this CD series is Learn how to Stand Proud in Any Crowd and the clothespin logo seemed to fit as one clothespin was a different color from the other and wore a hat. Mary Lynne and Betsy are the same graphic artists who create much of the material you see for the Boston Red Sox, so they are the pros in this area and I trust their judgement implicity.

Since that logos inception, it has grown in popularity and women have told me they identify with it. It's a little quirky, kind of fun, and has a uniqueness about it. I even had one woman tell me she identified with it as a symbol of "womenhood" because women are the ones who usually use clothespins in the kitchen and laundry room. It has become our symbol of fun concepts, unique people, and the focus on women for our Contagious Conferences. For each conference in the series the third clothespin changes color - red for the Foundational course, blue for the health and fitness course, green for finance and yellow for relationships/communication. Enjoy!

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