Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What Would You Do?

I ran across a scenario that I wanted to pose to you and see what you would do. Let’s say you go to dinner at restaurant X. Your spouse, partner, or friend wants to go to dinner at restaurant Y. You have a heated debate about the choice. You point out the bad reviews Y has received. But you grudgingly yield and end up going to restaurant Y. The experience confirms your misgivings. Your reservation is lost and you have to wait 30 minutes. The service is slow, the drinks weak, and the food tastes like ripe garbage. You have two options during this painful experience.

Option A: critique the restaurant and smugly point out to your partner how wrong he or she was and how this debacle could have been avoided if only you had been listened to.
Option B: Shut up and eat the food. Mentally write it off and enjoy the evening.

Marshall Goldsmith points this out in his book “What Got You Here, Won’t Get you There” and he mentions the results he has seen with these two scenarios. 75% of his clients say they would choose Option A and critique the restaurant. Yet, they ALL agree that what the SHOULD do is Option B.

So often what we would do and what we know we SHOULD do are two different things.

If you find that in your relationships and communication, you are doing what you want instead of what you wish you would do or think you should, then join us at the Contagious Confidence™ Conference for Women (and men!) on October 23, 2008. With this conference, you will get confirmation of what is natural behavior, how to’s on what is beneficial behavior, and new skills that are effortlessly implemented, yet are going to dramatically improve your relationships (at home and at work) which means we will help you take the stress out of your daily communication and relationships.

Now, more than ever is the time to work on your professional and personal people skills. If your job or company decides to make drastic changes, what do you think will help you get your next job: your resume and experience, or your people skills? You know the answer and even maybe what you should do. Join us at the conference. We look forward to seeing you there.

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“The key to being lucky is to be prepared when opportunity strikes.” Unknown author

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Anonymous said...

This whole conference that I have been at for the last week has tackled this issue head on! It has taken me back to where the whole "I have to be right and maintain control" started from. It has also given me the freedom to let go of all that garbage, resistance, have-to attitudes, and you-made-me-do-this point of view that tends to hold me back from my true potential. It's all about choice and what I chose to create in my life and accepting responsibility for my own actions and choices.

I CHOOSE option B!!! (I know you really didn't expect an answer.) What's the point of "being right" when it just uses up energy and can potentially drive a wedge in the relationship. Just "BE" in the relationship and enjoy that experience with the person you love. Who knows what possibilities THAT could bring?!?!?